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All websites need a place to live. Web hosting companies provide server space for customers to host their sites. If you’re building a website, you will need to work with a hosting company in order to get your site online.

Having a website is the best way to make your mark on the Internet. Whether you’re a long-standing business, starting a new project, or just want a place you can call home online, a website gives you a unique, customisable, and personal place just the way you want it.

Having a rough idea of your hosting needs can help you choose the right website package. Think about the type of content you will be hosting, how large the files will be and the number of visitors you expect to receive. Not sure? Talk us for no pressure advice.

Our data center is located in London UK

We provide many payment methods such as: Bank transfers ( Bankak ), transfer to ATM number in Sudan, Checks, Cash, or online by Syber Pay in Sudan, PayPal, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ( BTC ), USDT, BUSD.

We offer hosting plans with plenty of space for each email account, all our hosting plans have 10 GB per email account.

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