cPanel License Structure and Pricing Update

Dear Client, Due to the Sudden change new license system announced by cPanel, we have to make a compulsory raise to our shared web hosting products. to ensure that our customers are not affected negatively, we are now developing a special control panel.

11th Jul 2019
New Free Feature : Google Drive Space

Dear customer we have a good news for you!

With our Google Drive Storage, you can comfortably host your websites backups on google drive with JetBackup, This feature is free for our customers.

Thank you for choosing us.

19th Apr 2019
New Features: Invisible Recaptcha

Thanks to the updates we have made on our server, ddos and other malicious visitors are not dangerous for your website! Now, thanks to the invisible captcha, all visitors of your website are filtered by artificial intelligence algorithms in the background, allowing your site to receive only real visitors, and to clean up spam bots. And now with a ... Read More »

11th Apr 2019
cPanel Wordpress Management Plugin

Our new plug-in has been activated for easier management of your Wordpress CMS system from your cPanel accounts. With one click, you can manage all your functions via cPanel for installation, update and backup.

1st Apr 2019
ماهي شهادة SSL ؟

تعتبر شهادة SSL وسيلة لتأمين موقعك على الويب، وتقوم متصفحات الانترنت بعرض إشعار للزائرين إذا كان موقعك آمناً أي يستخدم شهادة SSL أو غير آمن. سنوضح لكم في هذا المقال ماهي شهادة SSL وكيفية الحصول ... Read More »

27th Nov 2018
Maintenance - Important

We going to make a big change in the efficiency section in order to solve the recent interruptions and other problems that have been experienced in the part of our company's datacenter. Please do not make any changes to your site at this time, as this may cause damage or loss of dataMaintenance August 11, 2018 00:30 to 12/08/2018 00:00  ... Read More »

10th Aug 2018
Thank you for choosing SKY HOST!

Welcome to SKY HOST! Remember, as SKY HOST, our number one priority is your satisfaction. Sincerely, Happy day.

If at any point you get stuck, our support team is available  to assist you.

25th May 2018